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[13 Apr 2014|05:29am]
I am at an open zoo or something like it and I see beautiful snakes in a pit together. I am watching them for a while and I start walking away, I remember trying to figure out one of the snakes color corrolation, the colors are white pink brown and I corrolation it to ice creams Neapolitan flavor. I walk away wanting ice creAm. I look behind me a few paces later and see that a beautiful brown snake is staring at me. I walk faster. It follows me quicker. I run and it speeds up, gets in front of me, and bites my right knee. I run past someone and tell them I've just been bitten by a snake on the hand and then later tell him it was a Chinese box snake and that it was on the knee. He freaks out "on the knee!?" Which seems to make the situation more dire. I get into an ambulance that's sound proof and see my mom approach the sidewalk corner looking for me a nd I try so badly to get the drivers attention but they can't hear me. My mom is hurrying and in a wheelchair and stops in the wheelchair suddenly and falls out, landing on her knee and hurting herself. I get out of the ambulance and a helicopter is waiting. An old childhood friend (haven't seen in years) Bri Gray joins me as I walk to the helicopter and my mom has joined as well, the pilot greets us and says that we need to make up for lost time starts the heli and were in the air before I can put my seat belt on. I buckle my seatbelt and feel the heli in the air making me quesy as we ascend nd I wake up.
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[23 Feb 2014|10:32pm]
today i walked to get the mail and there was a gathering of teen hoodlums playing music and acting cool in the parking lot by our pool and i thought to myself; I'm so happy to be 24.

Life just keeps getting better. I haven't had to face anything terrible emotionally traumatizing or stressful in many many months... I'm a very fit and healthy young woman. I overcame my knee injury and am happy to practice yoga about 4 times a week, and climb another 1-2 days a week.

Curtis and I are going to joes valley in a few days and im sooo psyched to see whats out there! the guidebook says everything is ** and *** so i can't wait to get on some harder classic stuff for me. Really want to send my first v3.. Speaking of!! Curtis sent his first 2 v11's last week and sent another today!
I really should start keeping track of my climbs. but i'm alway so meticulous in life, i kind of like having something that i just DO, and dont try to record to the dot.

Our lease is up here with jack in september and i spent a while tonight looking at different complexes for us to look at, and have narrowed it down to 4 places! we're both SO excited

I'm going to be cocktailing at Tao Beach this summer and with Curtis raking in what he is as spotlight director at David Copperfield, we're going to be sitting pretty at the end of this summer.
I've grown into someone I love and respect so much. I'm so proud of myself for the life i'm living. What a wonderful relationship I'm in, I just reread some of those old entries and couldnt even finish a lot of them. I was such a fool to think the way I did for so long. I should have given up 2 months in when I realized he was never going to ask me to be his girlfriend. Oh hello, commitment issue red FLAG #1! haha
And the fact that after we broke up I was informed that he was indeed cheating on his girlfriend with me, and vice versa for a long time. Fucking Idiot.

As I sit here with my Baby Z tucked in next to me, I smile, and I'm happy. What a blessing to have such a beautiful stable man by my side. All I ever wanted in my life is true happiness and LOVE. Who gets that by 24? Someone I've known for so long too and have so many pre-relationship stories and memories with. What magic. Someone who can't wait to get home and see me and kiss me and hold and hug me. It's so great to be on the receiving end for once. His excitement never quavers and its not weird for me to tell him really gushy things about how I feel about him or us or the future that we've started planning for ourselves. We're quite the pair. 2 peas in a pod, opposites in some ways, twins in others. How cool, the way 2 people can complete each other. Who can say that they're literally left wanting NOTHING in their relationship. It's still so fresh and I love that. Although I wouldnt mind if he initiated a bit more of the cleaning. He's so good at never having an attitude when I ask him to do anything but he wont do it unless I ask! Haha, if thats the amount of my woes, I'll live with them :]
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[03 Apr 2009|12:56pm]
I'm such a horrible model. This client makes me tale a ton of papers to handout and I usually just throw them away and hide out in the bathroom.
But today I'm feeling extra sneaky so I put my key in my pocket and came to my car to nappy.
Haha I took a huge stack so I could stay out longer. I get off at 3 and I still have my hour break to take :)))
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[19 Oct 2008|01:42pm]
went out at 11 last night. i went to stephens and we drank a bit, then we went to roadrunner with adam and ericka and others and adam was all over ericka so it was LAME. they wound up leavng shortly after.. like an hour or something, and i was just starting to get drunk so it was retarded.
they left and god.. so many people came.. holy hell.. shit went downwnwnnn, i dont even want to write about it but BASICALLY jessie wound up leaving mike. the night before she left everyone was hanging out at keith and ryans and keith is hella drunk and jessie is grilling him so keith tells her that yes, mike has cheated on her with a bunch of chicks... he explained how one of them was jessica. thats that. jessie leaves, shes back in texas.. still calling mike to talk to him and bug him and stuff.. so just to start drama she calls and goes 'thanks for hooking up with jessica, it made it a lot easier for me to get over you'
just to prove that she KNEW he did that.
soooo mike thinks jessie found out from ME over myspace.
mike calls stephen, asks him, and stephen know id never do that so he defends me. gets off the phone, calls me asks me, i confirm that id never do that... we knew keith did.. but keith cant admit it because he has
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[17 Jun 2008|05:26pm]
holy hell. wow

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[16 Jun 2008|05:10pm]
damn. im on a roll.. first priscilla ahn, now katy perry. totally opposite but this shit is CATCHY as hell... seriously, her cd comes out tomorrow.. deffffffinitely gonna invest in this... its like... i dunno. i love her voice. its choppy and lots of levels.

dont really like the vid. but i must post this.

and mannequin

acoustic :]
oh yes.
i also like her 'so gay' song.. its funny.
k i need to go put the pie in the oven.
im making pasta/french bread/apple pie/veggiesssssssss
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[03 Jun 2008|01:34pm]
i just submitted pictures and my stats to img models.
thers no online submission for la models. theres an open call time though.. mon-wed 3-4 pm.
i can also mail pictures in.. i kind of want to just do that.
ha i always get such butterflies...i realize that if i just had a BIT of boobs i wouldnt look like such a 12 year old. thats a huge reason that i look so young... thats why i feel like i always have to keep myself so damn skinny. cuz i know that if i DID get bigger my boobs would just stay the same size!!! how fuckin awkward would THAT be?
blahblahblah. i wonder if boys read this lj.
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[02 Jun 2008|07:43pm]
ha i just reread what i wrote last night.. im so damn dramatic still! hah. i thought that side of me pretty much wrinked and died away over the years.. nope, its still kickin. and it takes me over when i dont watch it.
it is 743 and im about the get in the shower.
tonight im pretty sure im hanging out with stephen. im gonna go to jessicas house [probllyy] until that time comes. today = mikes birthday so tonight = bar
my parents are going out of town on weds. coming back sunday.
so thats that :]

bomb. i smell a sleepover :]
AND i wont have a cerfew for a while.
AND bri is coming to town.
AND things are going just stupendiously :]
im getting in the shower.
maybe hangout @poyos for a while. who the eff knows.. all i know is that im wearing my moms new dress tonight
shits cute as tits!!!
she bought me a new dress last night too :]
cotton material.. DEAD cute, down to my ankles, form fitting... dead DEAD cute.
casual but i could dress it up too.. i think im the only person who could get so excited over a $13 dress..
it was originally $68 though! my moms such a great shopper
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[31 May 2008|10:39am]
last night was AMAZING. wayyy too fun... prob. the funnest/funnIest dinner with my parents/jess and then we went to poyos, hungout there for a longgg ass time til like 1130. then i took the blaze to stephens and we watched like 3 episodes of 3 sheets. god i love that show. jamaica, wales, and belgium. anyways.. then everyone who came over left, and mike and keith were being drunk on the couch so i went upstairs to chat with stephen, and we just talked and sturfff :]
i went home [to JESSICAS] at 5... she was hella @ poyos. w/e i PASSEDDD the fuck out there.
i have to get ready now cuz i have to be @ the palazzo @ 1215!!
im in store modeling for diane von furstenburg today. look her shit up its AMAZING
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[27 May 2008|03:27pm]
ok so i totally lowered myself to youtube standards.. i commented on this girls performance.. lookie here.

hah, i told her this
"no.. this is not good. you kinda lose which key you're in a bunch. "
she just replied with this
"actually, i really didnt do that bad pitch wise. trust me. im obsessed with noticing pitch. yea, i may have had a few minor pitch problems, but im seriously obsessed with having the right pitch. i know i didnt go off key. "

and i told her this

"you're funny. you can't just take criticism. you just tell me i have no idea what im talking about. i must just be deaf then."

like.. wow, i havent had a little fight with someone i didnt know online since i used to get on gurl.com all the time.
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[21 May 2008|10:49am]
whoopdy whoopdy!
its my birthday.
last night i worked my ass off. went with stephen to get paint, helped him move that crazy bed stand that guy left here outside to the CURB. shit was HEAVY and i thought i was gonna slip and kill stephen on the way down.
i washed all his dishes that he brought to the houseeeee. we hungout after he got off work and went back to the house. FINISHED 3 WALLS SO FAR!! i rpetty much taped and did all the corners so far.. shit SUCKS but for some reason i enjoy it.
sent richard his 3rd letter last night, he emailed me yesterday :]

Yah You know I would break a rule just to write to you! I also snuck onto
myspace and I see that your an aunt now!!!what´s up with that? cool, I guess!
let me know how that´s going...Well I hope you have a really good birthday
tomorrow...ok!!!I hope you don´t go out and booze yourself to death. let me know
how everything is going...if you don´t I´ll kick you. PS- your letter has been


oh rich.

I reallyl love this song.
always have :]

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[02 May 2008|01:10pm]
last night blew.
i didnt do anything. kinda just stayed home.
read my book alot though :]
ill prob. be finishing it today. holy tits it surprised me last night.
today.. not many plans. my dad went gold mining for the weekend today. so mom is alone. shs not home now though. she had a doc. appt. this morning.
i want gordon beirsh RIGHT NOW. that delicious pecan crusted chicken. i was CRAVING it in the theatre yesterday. btw. baby mama... very cute :]
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[01 May 2008|03:06pm]
yikes.. just found this..

this was on the 4th. the night i got HELLAAA sick.. disgusting.
this was actually pretty much right before i went outside to hurl my insides out... we both look like some SERIOUS booty.

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[01 May 2008|01:15pm]
last nightttt. watched antm. katarshena [sp wronggg] went home. she was boring anyways.
now its whitney, dominique, zumara, and my favorite ANYA :]
i love her. i hope she wins.
so anyways.. then i got ready, drove to keith and ryans. we hungout for a while, took mike home, got a movie, and went back to stephens. we got 'before the devil knows you're dead' we watched about 45 minutes before stephen said he just couldnt watch it right now cuz he was so tired. i forget what time this was around.. before 2 for sure.. but i wound up leaving a few minutes before 4.
so he wasnt THAT tired apparently. it was fun though. last night was hilarious we went to his room and just joked and talked for a long time 'elloooo! i am aaalonellyy' in his crazy french accent.
it was very very fun.
fun night.
but fun.
TONIGHT IS SURVIVOR OMGOMGOMGMGGGGGGG can i explain how excited i am? these past 2 episodes have been ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING. the best 2 episodes ive ever encountered.
cant wait to see who's gonna get blind sighted this week!
im sucha loserrrrrrr :]
THEN GREYS. oh... i love that greys is back. alst weeks episode was amazing.
famiry night fa sho.
we're gonna go see baby mama today @ like 5.
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[29 Apr 2008|07:26pm]
why have i watched this like 4 times today?

why is this song 'catchy'?

i got my keys 'taken away'
i really can't beblieve this. i dont even know what this whole 'groundation for a night' is supposed to prove. i swear my parents are just ACHING to hold onto every little bit of hold that they can have on my life.
its whatever i think im going to have stephen come rescue me later tonight anyways.

IM NOT 12.
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[29 Apr 2008|10:55am]
and all this craziness about miley cyrus... shit needs to stop.
bitch is 15.. hs anyone seen her performances??

so dont flip when she takes some beautiful artistic photos fro VANITY FAIR
i thin k they were beautiful.
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[29 Apr 2008|10:53am]
i just stayed home last night.
i feel SO inactive as of late.
i just want to go out and do stuff, but i hold myself back cuz im still kinda sick. that probably wouldnt be too good of an idea.
i think jess is gonna take poloroids of me today.
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[28 Apr 2008|07:33pm]
whoaaa, i just took a super nap.. like 3 hours, and i wasnt even tired @ all!
i guess now im gonna kinda get ready to go to the 'surprise party'.. although the kid we were surprising already got there and got surprised.
all theyre drinking is vodka :\
i dont think stephen is going.. maybe he'll meet up with us or something. dunno dunno. i just want other drinks for sure. other wise ill be locking in sobriety for the night. no good.
craziness, i took my nap and my nose isnt stuffy @ all since i woke up! id better not jynx it.

"1 is the loneliest number that youll ever dooo"
love this song.
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[28 Apr 2008|02:01pm]
i feel like suc a creeper but i just want everyone to see how cute he is :]

Drunkass kris.. shes too funny..

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[27 Apr 2008|05:55pm]
just got done shopping :]
wowwww, spent allll day out with mom and only bought 4 things. two of which.. were for le nephew..

who will probably be named Remy [Remington] LeBeau [Le-Bow]
like.. a frilly hair bow, not bow down to me i'm the king.
I got him two onesies.. both blue.. one says 'There's no one like my Auntie.' and the other says 'Auntie thinks I'm special.'

then i actually went into abercrombie kids today.. low and behold.. why the tits didnt i go there sooner?
i looked searched and fucking weeded through shops this winter trying to find sweatpants/suits that didn't make my legs look SOOOO 12 year old skinny and these af ones were like MADEEE for my body. probably cuz it REALLY resembles that of a young one about to enter 7th grade :]
so i bought a really cute pair of dark blue sweatpant capri things.. on sale for $20... damn hella sale shopper :]
theyre arent all 'ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH'-ed out... they have 'abercrombie' neatly nonchalantly cursive handwritten down the side. theyre very very cute. then i got a really cute floral printed tank that reallyyyy makes me look 12, what with the lackage of BOOBAGE thats been going on lately :]
its cool though. everyone knows i rock whatever, BRALESSSSS. seeing as i dont have to wear one, ever.

i got that one for $13
got offered a job THERE too.
pretty cool... i guess?
i was thinking about it and i really dont think i could work @ rhuel. this sounds so retarded but i dont for what they sell.. i dont stand for what ALOT of people sell.. but i also dont work for any of them. and i DONT want to endorse those clothes. or those pictures on the wall. or the idea that you have to buy these clothes to achieve a certain sense of self awareness. i dunno if that makes sense, but it does in my head, so eff it.
anyways :]
Got this earlier today :]
"Bonjour Brittani, tres tres belle ma cherie. call me."
gah, hes too cute.
just too drrnn cute.
Translates into " Hello Brittani, my very very beautiful darling. call me"
OH THOSE FRENCH.. know just how to get me :]
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